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Description:   Kooling is a kde applet for laptop showing information about the system temperature, states of the fans, etc. It also has the ability to drive fans and CPU frequency.This applet is for now designed for Dell Inspiron 8000 series, but it may easily be ext

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Laptop Temperature Monitor Laptop Temperature Monitor is a little applet for the GNOME desktop that shows the temperature of your CPU on screen. You can log temperatures to a file as well. Laptop Temperature Monitor is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

KickPIM (KDE Kicker applet) KickPIM is an applet for KDEs Kicker panel for an easy access to your addresses in KDEs addressbook. You can view and edit them, send emails, let it remind you about birthdays and more ...

Restart and Shutdown applet The timed Shutdown and Restart Applet for the KDE system. Also it can execute the commands after specified amount of seconds.

TorK - Anonymity Manager for KDE TorK is an Anonymity Manager for the KDE Desktop. Browse anonymously on Konqueror/Firefox/Opera. Send anonymous email via the MixMinion network. Use ssh/irc/IM anonymously. Control and monitor your anonymous traffic on the Tor network.

WMgXMon WMgXMon is a generic monitor applet for WindowMaker and other WMs. It can display CPU, I/O, memory, load, swap usage or result of any other programs (like WMScript). What and how (as gauge, histogram, percentage, number) to display can be configured.

plasma-applet-network-status This is a simple KDE applet to monitor the network interface status and display it using icons.In case of wireless interface the link quality are shown using icons.The applet is independent of network connection management tools, and just display the status.It is useful for non ...

kimon - KDE ISDN Monitor kimon is an ISDN-monitor for the K Desktop Environment.This tool resides in the toolbar of the desktop and displays the status of two ISDN channels. On incoming or outgoing calls kimon opens a window and shows additional information about all ISDN lines

DVB frontend monitor dock applet Very simple DVB signal level indicator. No extra library dependency, only standard X library. Very small and simple C code. Tested with 2.6 series kernel, SkyStar2 DVB card and WindowMaker0.92 on Slackware 12. e-mail: maxcompress@yahoo.com

KInk, a KDE printer ink level monitor KInk is a KDE frontend for libinklevel, to monitor the ink level of printers connected to your PC

KNetstats A simple KDE network monitor that show rx/tx information (leds/graphic/text) of any network interface on system tray.

KDE Yahoo Messenger A yahoo client for KDE that cloesly resembles the orginal Windows Yahoo client, in both look and feel, and fucntionality. Future development paths include the adition of both webcam and full yahoo chat room support.

KDE on Cygwin The KDE on Cygwin project was started to enable the kde desktop on cygwin/x11. Is was stopped in september 2005 because of the native KDE4 port. For KDE/cygwin packages see http://cygwinports.dotsrc.org/. For the qt3 win32 port see http://qtwin.sf.net

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